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February 23, 2000.
April 27, 2000
May 23, 2000

Berman's Bag: Must "The Poor" Always be Among us?"
Unabashed Librarian #117 (2000) p.11-18.

Berman's Bag: Must "The Poor" Always be Among us?"
Unabashed Librarian #117 (2000) p.11-18.

"Foreward" Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibility in American Librarianship,
1967 -1974. by Toni Samek, 2000 McFarland & Company, Inc.

"Feminists overlook the big picture."
Readers' thoughts. Minnesota Women's Press. Nov. 22-Dec. 5, 2000. p. 4

"Both Major Parties Failed to Address the National Disgrace of Poverty."
Street Spirit December 2000. p. 20

"Berman's Bag: Why Catalog?"
Unabashed Librarian #116 (2000) p.11-12

"Berman's Bag: Updates and Additions to Why Catalog?"
Unabashed Librarian #120 (2001) p.25-31.

"Berman's Bag: The Top Censored Library Stories of 1998/2000"
Unabashed Librarian #118 (2001) p.16-19.

"Berman's Bag: Updates and Additions." (to The Top Censored Library Stories of 1998/2000)
Unabashed Librarian #119 (2001) p.23-25.

"A Long Struggle to Force Libraries to Serve the Poor."
Street Spirit. January 2001. p.12-13.

"An open letter from 'Jews who do not support the Israeli occupation of Palestine.'
American Jewish World March 2, 2001.

Alternative Library Literature: A Biennial Anthology.1998/1999.
Co-edited with James Danky. 2001 McFarland & Company, Inc.

"Inside Censorship."Talk given at a Minnesota Atheists meeting,
April 16, 2000, in Brooklyn Center. MN.

A version of this article was published in Progressive Librarian #18, Spring 2001, pages 48-63.

"Christocentric Cataloging Concern." American Libraries, April 2001 Reader Forum, p. 40.

"Street Librarian: An update from the Utne stacks with our librarian Chris Dodge."
(article which mentions Sanford Berman.) Utne Reader Online. April 12, 2001.


"Hennepin County Library "Dumbs Down"
Abandons Commitment to Support "Lifelong Learning," Diversity, and the Library Bill of Rights."
Press Release. May 1, 2001.

"WWMD? What would Martin do?" Press Release related to the ALA Coretta Scott King
Awards Breakfast at a labor-boycotted hotel." June 4, 2001.

"Saving the Time of the Library User through Subject Access Innovation:
Papers in Honor of Pauline Atherton Cochrane."

Book Review. College and Research Libraries July 2001 Vol 62 No 4

Letters. to William R. Gordon Executive Directory of ALA
and Charles T. Harmon, Chair ALA Committee on Professional Ethics
regarding a librarian free speech in the workplace amendment to the
Library Bill of Rights.

December 14, 2000 from Harmon to Berman
December 18, 2000 from Berman to Harmon
August 3, 2001 from Harmon to Berman
August 8, 2001 from Berman to Gordon
Q & A on Librarian Speech in the Workplace.

Letters. to Bruce Williams CAB/Admin. of Hennepin County Library
regarding "access limiting and often confusing anomalies, mistakes,
and oversights" in HCL cataloging.

August 16, 2001
August 23, 2001
August 24, 2001
August 26, 2001
August 28, 2001
September 18, 2001
September 19, 2001

New headings for Anisfield-Wolf

New headings for Asian Pacific American Award

Librarian's at Liberty December 2001