Petition in Support of Sanford Berman

Although Sanford Berman resigned in protest from his job as head cataloger at Hennepin County Library, we have left this petition online. We stopped accepting signatures on March 28, 2000.

Whereas Sanford Berman is one of the most respected voices in the field of librarianship and is, for librarianship, what the Japanese call a "living national treasure".

Whereas his dedicated and creative work at Hennepin County Library has enhanced the reputation of HCL tremendously through his innovative approaches to cataloging and brought it and libraries around the country significant benefits and

Whereas Sanford Berman was unfairly formally reprimanded by management and then peremptorily reassigned (i.e removed from his position in cataloging) on the pretext of his discussion of professional matters with colleagues and the voicing of his principled opinions on library issues.

Therefore, we state emphatically

that we decry the denial of Sanford Berman's rights to discuss differing opinions on professional matters in his area of expertise, and express our outrage at the behavior of Hennepin County Library, Berman's employer, in exiling him to work away from the cataloging to which he has dedicated several highly productive decades and that

we condemn HCL management and demand that they a) rescind Berman's formal reprimand and offer him an apology and b) request his return to his position in the cataloging department of HCL and c) cease and desist in the harassment of Berman and other HCL employees...


Mark Rosenzweig, Editor, Progressive Librarian

Dr. Maurice J. Freedman, Director, Westchester Library System

S.Michael Malinconico, University of Alabama, School of Library & Information Studies

Diedre Conkling, Lincoln County Library District, Oregon

A. Ralph Papakhian, Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington, IN

Andrew H. Lee, Tamiment Library, New York University

Asako Yoshida, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota

Bernadine Abbott Hoduski

Charles Willett

David E. Motson, Seattle, WA

Earl W. Lee, Collection Devel. Librarian, Pittsburg State University

John Buschman, Assoc. Professor, Rider College, New Jersey,

Ian S. Duckor, New York State Library, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY

Ilse and Eric Moon

Jenna Freedman, Graduate Student, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Florida

Julie Herrada, Associate Librarian, University of Michigan

Kate Bradley, Bellevue CC, WA

Chuck Munson

Rachel Jones, MSLIS, Austin, Texas

Roberta Frye, Branch Librarian, Oakland Public Library, Oakland, CA

Rory Litwin, MLS, San Jose, CA

Shannon Van Kirk, University of Alabama SLIS

Miriam Pickens, Library Student, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Mev Miller, Women's Presses Library Project

Joel Rane, Los Angeles Public Library

J. Mark Scheu, Thomas Jefferson Library, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

Dr. Chris Atton, Lecturer In Information and Media, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Christopher Merrett, University Librarian, University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg campus), South Africa

Carol Reid, Cataloger, New York State Library, Albany, NY

Katia Roberto

Anne Frank, Librarian, Southeast Asian Archive, University of California, Irvine

Suzanne Tronier, Manager, East Millcreek Library, Salt Lake City, UT

Derek Moneypeny, MLIS, Oakland, CA

Kathryn Loafman, Head, Technical Services Dept., Univ. of North Texas Libraries, Denton, TX

Rebecca Welsch

Rachel Aronowitz

Bill Michtom, Technical Support, Teleport Internet Services, Portland, OR

Melissa Riley, Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Jo Falcon, Cataloger, Exploratorium Learning Studio, San Francisco

Carol F. L. Liu, Former President, Library Administration and Management Association of the American Library Association

Laura Reiner, Graduate Student, Simmons College GSLIS

Kathleen Adler, SLIS Student, UW-Madison

Michael Champion

Kimberly Edson, Minnesota Library Association Intellectual Freedom Chair

Peter Money

Mark Pendergrast, Writer, former professional librarian

Yvonne S. Farley, Reference Librarian, Kanawha County Public Library, Charleston, WV

Don Saklad, Cambridge MA

Carol Barta, Barton County Community College Library, Great Bend, KS

Martyn Lowe, UK

Cameron A. Johnson, Reference Librarian

Virginia LaPoint, Librarian

Bill Katz, Professor, School of Information Science and Policy, SUNY Albany, NY

Helene Charmillon-Pohl, Librarian, Kaukauna Hgh school, Wisconsin

Jennifer Camper, Library Patron

Jean Armour Polly, MLS, Former Librarian, Author of The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages, 3rd ed. (Osborne McGraw-Hill)

Jessica Baumgart, Library and information science student; librarian

Leavenworth Jackson, Curator of Collections, Jackson Library West, Berkeley, CA

Carol Ince

Dave Prees, Library Assistant, University of Brighton, U.K.

Jay Hoffman, University of Maine at Augusta

Catherine Sassen

Joel Morrison

Patricia C. Pettijohn, Student, University of South Florida, School of Library & Information Science

Ilga Leja

Leila Shapiro, Regional Librarian, Montgomery County Department of Public Libraries

William D. Anderson

Alison Lewis, Ph.D., OPAC/Recon Manager, American Philosopical Society Library

Ron Ratliff, Chapman High School Librarian Chapman, Kansas

Diane Gordon Kadanoff, Director, Norwell Public Library

Deborah A. Richards, Graduate Student, Simmons College GSLIS

Michelle Filleul

Richard L. Soash, Supervisor, Library Automation and Cataloging, Wichita KS Public Schools

Camillia A. Gentry, Medical Librarian, Via Christi Libraries, Wichita, KS

Sharon Herbert, Library Systems Analyst, Peel District School Board, Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Ann C. Sparanese, Head of Adult & Young Adult Services Englewood Public Library

Jennifer Young, Serials Catalog Librarian, St. Louis University

Theresa A. Tobin, Head, M.I.T. Dewey and Humanities Libraries

Sandra Rothenberg

Sue Cunningham, Librarian

Susan Peters, Reference Librarian, Rutgers University Libraries

Violet S. Yarman

Victoria J. Medaglia, Cataloging Librarian, Babson College, Wellesley, MA

Anna M. Martinson

Tracey A. Callison, Head of Technical Services/Circulation, Addison Public Library, Addison, IL

Jacquelyn Marie, Reference Librarian, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA (for 18 years)

Teresa A. Beck

Patricia Koch

Kim Kiiskinen, Reference & Technology Director, River Falls Public Library, River Falls WI

Frederick W. Stoss, M.S., M.L.S., Associate Librarian, Science and Engineering Library, University at Buffalo

Linda J. Kimsey, Automated Systems & Services Librarian, Marietta College

Susan Zeyher

Kristin H. Gerhard

Christine Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chris Pelton, Staff member, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Libraries

Hava Rubenson, Web Analyst, RLG

April Schwartz

Angela Anthony, BR Library, Kansas City, MO

Nancy Norris, Art/Humanities Cataloger, Cataloging Dept., Research Library, UCLA

Tracey A. Callison, Head of Technical Services/Circulation, Addison Public Library, Addison, IL

John Degon, SLIS Student, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Martha E. McPhail, Catalog Librarian, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Lisa Stage, Tucson, AZ

Rose Kao, Head of Technical Services, Englewood Public Library

Jo Anne Beezley

Lynn Andersen, Library Director

Beverly Leib, Englewood Public Library

Susan Koch Gegenhuber, Principal Librarian, Pasadena Public Library

Charles Bufe, Publisher, See Sharp Press

Linda Pierce, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

Jonathan R. Betz-Zall, Children's Librarian, Sno-Isle Regional Library System, Washington

Jim Dwyer, Bibliographic Services Librarian, CSU-Chico

Lynn Westbrook

John Stucky, Curatorial Librarian, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Barbara Stransky, Library Services Coordinator, Notheast Kansas Library System

Hans-J. Fadum, Librarian, Technical Services, Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

Doug Holland, Publisher, Zine World magazine

Terry McMenamin

Darla Keller, Librarian

Jill Patterson, Senior Librarian, Glendora Public Library

Susan E. Thomas, Graduate Assistant, University of South Florida

Stephen Peter LaBash, Head of Reference, University of Baltimore

Sarah Springer, Graduate Student, School of Information Sciences, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Pittsburgh

Gayle Porter, Cataloger, Purdue University Libraries

Terri R. Wakefield

Keven Larson, Cataloger, HCL

Anne Britton

Michael P. Grossman, Librarian (Reference and Interlibrary Loan), Duluth Public Library, Duluth, MN

Elizabeth B. Lindsay, Indiana State University

Antonio Arroyo, Librarian, Pima Community College

Marge Loch-Wouters, Head of Youth Services, Menasha's Public Library, Menasha WI

Maria Koehmstedt, Reference and Audio Visual Librarian, Clatsop Community College

Tracey A. Callison, Head of Technical Services/Circulation, Addison Public Library, Addison, IL

Liz Ruhland, Reference Librarian, Contra Costa County Library

Amelia J. Shelley, Manager, Children's/Young Adult Services, Laramie County Library System, Cheyenne, WY

Karl M. Pearson, Retired; formerly Assistant Director of CLASS (Cooperative Library Agency for Systems & Services)

Chantel C. Guidry, Future Library Student, Reviewer, MSRRT Newsletter

Felicia G. Herman, Associate Librarian, Minnesota School of Business

Clare Marie Ackroyd, Health Sciences Librarian, Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick, ME

Gayle Richardson, Children's librarian, Seattle Public Library

Donna Mandel, Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Don Curry, Teacher, Charlotte Wood Middle School, Danville, CA

Scott Jenkins

Louise Orr, Librarian, Champlain-St.Lawrence, College Library, Sainte-Foy, Quebec Canada

James Madigan, Assistant Director, Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park, IL

Sheila Goldmacher, Materials Selection Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Doris Hayashikawa, Coordinator, Digital Research Library, Formerly Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Information Sciences, U of Pittsburgh, Formerly Head, Catalog Dept., ULS, U. of Pittsburgh

Reta K. Graber, Collection Development Coordinator

Julia Ceriotti, M.L.S. Student, School of Information Science and Policy, Rockefeller College, University at Albany, Albany, NY

Martha Cornog

Adrienne Brown Canty, Resource Coordinator, Alberta Tobacco Control Centre, Edmonton, AB

Francis Van Ryn, Program Manager, Dept. of Environmental Health, University of Washington

Gary Kopp

Lisa Mitten, Head, Collections Services Department, University of Pittsburgh

Janine J. Henri, Head Librarian, Architecture & Planning Library, The Univ. of Texas at Austin

Susie Bright, Author, California

Cici Chapple

Anita Perkins, Reference Librarian, MIT Libraries

Kate Miller, MLIS, Portland, OR

Mike Ballard, Library worker

Teresa Y. Neely, position: Interim Personnel Librarian, Colorado State University Libraries

Mike Hudson, Library Student

James W. Loewen, best-selling author, partly owing to Sandy's help

Eve Wider, Public Services/Reference Librarian, University of Pittsburgh

Andrea V. Grimes, Special Collections Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Annette McNair, Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Mary C. Pauli, Reference Librarian, Clackamas County Library

Melita Laughlin, Library Patron, San Francisco, CA

Norman G. Kester, Social Sciences Selector, Mississauga Central Library, Mississauga Library System, Ontario, Canada; Editor of "Liberating Minds: The Stories and Professional Lives of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Librarians and Their Advocates," (McFarland, 1997), to which Berman contributed.

Ann Ryan

Peter Glenister, Bibliographical Services Librarian, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Kristin M. Carlson, Reference Librarian, Salisbury State University

Michael Jackman, News Editor, Zine World Magazine

Jacqueline C. Dick, Manager of Technical Services (Retired), Lee County, FL

Jill Stockinger, Branch Manager, Perris Branch Library, Perris, California

Lisa Walker, Cataloger/Assistant Professor, U. of Nebraska Libraries

Anita Havel

Gail Hardenbergh, Library Director, Milan Public Library, Milan, MI

Andrew Osmond, Madison, WI

Stephanie Schmitt, Systems Support Librarian, Yale University Library

Kimberly A. Long, Authority Control, Stark County District Library, Canton, OH

Eris Weaver, Librarian, Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol & Other Drug Problems, Marin County, CA

Heidi Green

Lisa G. Fortwangler, Catalog Librarian (Medical)

Geoff Swindells

John McCallum, Reference/Collections Librarian, Wilfrid Laurier University Library, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Ellen Gay Detlefsen, Associate Professor, Department of Library & Information Science, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Janell Picard, Information Resource Center, National Semiconductor Corporation,

Martha M. Yee, Cataloging Supervisor, UCLA Film and Television Archive, University of California, Los Angeles

Michelle LaLonde, Library Supervisor, University of Michigan

Gail Kwak, Government Documents Librarian

Jeff White, Library Operations Manager

Pat Lawton

Paul Schulz, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina

Penny Swanson

Sophia McMillen, Head, Cataloging Dept., University of Hawaii at Manoa Libraries, Honolulu

Claire McInerney, University of Oklahoma School of Library and Information Studies

Kaia Henrickson

Roxanne Myers Spencer, Graduate Student of Libray Science, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Ellie Clement

Jennifer Dodge Weibel

John Radencich, Serials Cataloger, Florida International University

Donald Burkett, Senior Librarian (Technical Processes), New York State Library

Gary Metzenbacher, Director of the Library, Circleville Bible College

Martha Henn McCormick, Reference/Government Documents Librarian, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL

Pam Keesey, formerly librarian at the Resource Center of the Americas

Margaret Zainer, U. of Wis.-Madison SLIS student

Jim Eggleston, Assistant Librarian, Humanities Library, MIT

Anthony Bernardo, Supervising Reference Librarian, New Haven Free Public Library

Judith Narosny, Cataloger, Simmons College Library, Boston MA

Mary Jane Leonard, Reference Librarian, Englewood Library, Englewood, NJ

Moo-Jae Pak, Senior Conversion Specialist

Lynda Empoliti, Adult Services Librarian, Englewood Public Library

Taralee Alcock, Library Assistant, Edmonton Public Library

Sylvia Roba, lover of books and freedom

Julia Paulsen, Cataloging/Reference Librarian Southern Oregon University Library

Pierre Blouin, Co-publisher, Hermés Revue Critique (an on-line journal on technology, librarianship and society)

Elaine Harger, Librarian, W. Haywood Burns School, PS/IS 176, New York City

Veronda J. Pitchford, Librarian, Chicago Illinois

Maria Anna Jankowska, Network Resources Librarian, University of Idaho Library

Cynthia Hetherington, Technology Librarian, Englewood Public Library

Dawn Rutherford, Young Adult Advocate, King County Library System, WA

Brian Hasenstab

Mary Jo Eyth, Reference Librarian, Humanities Department, Houston Public Library

D. Ann Sanford, Cataloging Librarian, Nevada State Library and Archives, Carson City, Nevada

Judy Din, Cataloger, Energy Library, U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters, Germantown, MD

Sarah Troemel

Pamela Costain, Executive Director, Resource Center of the Americas

Mary A. Swenson, Librarian Resource Center of the Americas

Linda Absher, Intranet Librarian, and The Lipstick Librarian!

Jennifer Friedman, Project Librarian, Northwoods HealthNet

Robert Wicke, MLS, Ph.D., Librarian

Joan Benedetti, Cataloger, Los Angeles County Museum of Art Research Library

Gregory J. Wool, Monographs Cataloger, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Ann Simonds

Shirley Lew

Dale Wertz, student, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Jonathan Simcock, Editor, Total Liberty Magazine

Hanne Robinson, Librarian, Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA

Regina Kammer, Catalog Librarian, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Beth Sibley, Doe Library, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA

Owen Rogers, Supervisor, Collection Development, Queens Borough Public Library

Dean W. Corwin

Karen M Venturella, Head of Multimedia Resources, Montclair State University

Sushila Shah, Catalog Librarian

Julie McKenna, Electronic Resources Librarian, Regina Public Library, Regina, SK

David Miller, Head of Technical Services, Levin Library, Curry College, Milton, MA

Devra Polack

Lisa Zeepp

Rhonda Rios Kravitz, Access Services Librarian, California State University, Sacramento

Kalpana Shankar, PhD student, Department of Information Studies, UCLA

Robert Newhard, Retired head of Technical Processing, Torrance Public Library

J. Holtham

Gary Pattillo

Deborah DeGeorge, Special Formats Cataloging, University of Michigan Libraries

Jocelyn McGuire, Adult Services Librarian, Winnipeg Public Library

Laine Snowman

Daniel Barden, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Susan Kane, Librarian, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle WA

Charlotte C. Rubens, Head, Interlibrary Services Dept. U.C. Berkeley

Leo Kriz, Head of Technical Services

Bruce Jensen,
--PLUS Website (Public Libraries Using Spanish)
--Circulation Clerk, Cedar Mill Library, Portland, Oregon

Noreen Cooper Heavlin, Webmaster, Sutter Health

Christopher H. Walker, CONSER/NACO Cataloger, Indiana University Libraries Technical Services Dept.

Sarah Dentan, M.L.S.

Lisa D. Kernan, Film and Television Librarian, University of California Los Angeles

Gary O. Rolstad, Associate State Librarian, State Library of Louisiana, & former HCL Librarian

Robert L. Romic, Graduate student - Library and Information Science Program at the University of Iowa

Timberly Matonic

Yoko Taguchi, Professor of Library Science, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan

Jim Cullen, Editor, The Progressive Populist

Betsy Levine, Teen Center Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Thomas Mann, Author, Oxford Guide to Library Research

Linda Gardiner, Publisher, The Women's Review of Books

Mary Ann Cantillon, Social Sciences Librarian, Vancouver B.C. Canada

Richard L. Peters, Librarian

Toni Samek, Assistant Professor, School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Seth J Godfrey - Responsible for bringing the first group of American Librarians to Cuba to meet Cuban Librarians in 1989.

Alejandro de Jesus

Steven D. Petersen, Associate Chair, Minnesota Atheists

Mike Wong, Senior Reference Librarian, New York Public Library

Mary Ellen Carter, Senior Circulation Assistant, MIT Dewey Library

Anne D. Knight, Cataloger, LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library, Tallahassee, FL

Donny Smith, McCabe Library, Swarthmore College

Wade Hood

Jayne Gilmer

Matthew Wright, University of Washington, SLIS graduate student

C. Patrick Quinlan, Lecturer/Writer, US Foreign Service (retired),US Foreign Relations Committee.

Heike Seidel, Muenster, Germany

Mary Taylor Huntsman, Reference and Bibliographic Instruction Librarian, Campbellsville University

Editha Wilberton, Library Coordinator

William Porter, student, GSLIS, University of Texas, Austin

Wendy Thomas, SRRT Coordinator, Public Service Librarian, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College

Holly Kosisky, Assistant to Director of Special Programs, MIT

Jerry Baldwin, Library Director, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Marion I. Lipshutz

Pamela Robinson, College Librarian, South Tyneside College, England

Martin Dooley,, Division Chief, Telephone Reference, Brooklyn Public Library

Laura Quilter, Learning Studio, Exploratorium.

Aisha White, Doctoral Student

Karen Gisonny, Librarian, New York Public Library

James Caccavo, International journalist/photographer; Red Cross Correspondent, Contributing writer/photographer to: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sandy Berman, But Were Afraid To Ask.

Sung Hee Chang, International businesswoman

Annie Caccavo, Assistant to the Vice President of Development, Columbia Pictures.

Beverly Slapin, Executive Director, Oyate

Priscilla Buffelohood, Culture Specialist, Ossco Aron Schools, Maple Grove, MN

Leah N Smith, Library Technician

Rose Parker

Dan J Bye, Information Adviser, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Deborah Wassertzug

Jamie Lamkin, Information Services Librarian, Barnett-Briggs Medical Library

Leonard Rifas, EduComics

Allyson Carlyle, School of Library and Information Science, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Crystal A. Sholts, student, Stanford University

Chris Leeder

Sue T. Parker, Associate Librarian, National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, Ohio

Rosali Maggio

Joan P. Condell, Catalogue Librarian, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Daniel S. Mesnik, Precision Research, Minneapolis, MN

Richard Norton, Reference Librarian, Lubbock City-County Services

Diane Gordon Kadanoff

Marty and Martha Roth, Professor, English Department, University of Minnesota and writer

Claire M. Connelly

John Yewell, News Editor, Metro Santa Cruz

ingrid carol miles, student, louisiana state university

Judy Finney, SJSU MLIS student

Kathleen Castillo, Assistant Librarin/Children's Librarian, St. Paul Public Library

Andrew Koebrick, MN-Planning Library

Anita Michel, Graduate Student, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois

Steve Fesenmaier, West Virginia Library Commission

Gayla Ellis, Acting Director, Midwest Villages & Voices, Publishers, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Julie Cook, MLIS student, UW Seattle

Karen J. Granger, Head Cataloger, Traverse des Sioux Regional Library System, Mankato, MN

Sandy Cameron

Irene Schmit

Donna Cohen, Independent Information Professional

Alexey Panchenko, Research Analyst, Hewlett Packard Research Center, Corvallis, OR

Adam Marsnik, Cataloging & Technology Librarian, Normandale Community College. Bloomington, Minnesota

David J. Brink, Librarian I, San Francissco Public Library

Marilyn L. Nichols, Catalog Librarian, Voskuyl Library, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

Kelly Monaghan, Publisher, The Intrepid Traveler

Lynn Robertson, Masters student in Information and Library Studies

John Ohliger, President, Basic Choices Inc.,
retired library worker,
University of Wisconsin Library

Christina Wagner

Marilyn L. Nowlan, Goodwin College Library

Nancy Dennis, Outreach Librarian, Salem State College

Toby Sonneman, author, Fruit Fields in My Blood: Okie Migrants in the West (University of Idaho Press, 1992)

Bridget MacMillan, Librarian, Marshall, O'Toole, Gerstein, Murray & Borun, Chicago, IL

Kristin Arnett, SLIS student, Indiana University

Nassim Lababedi, RLG, Monaco, MC

Richard Aldred, Catalog Librarian, Haverford College, Pa.

Franco Levi

Matthew Lyons, MLS student, Rutgers University

David N. Pauli, Library/Media Specialist,
Portland Jewish Academy

John Iliff, Visting Instructor, University of South Florida

Vincent Jennings, Assoc. Prof. of Library Services emeritus, Hofstra University & ALA Life Member

Robert Sieczkiewicz, Archivist, Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Julie Stein, Library Assistant, MIT

Stephen Ford, Circulation Supervisor, Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC

Celia C. Perez, MLIS student, University of South Florida

Amy Cassidy, MLS student, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, UBC

Naomi Eichenlaub, MLIS student, School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies, UBC, Vancouver BC CANADA

Kelcy Shepherd, Archivist, Environmental Design Archives, University of California, Berkeley

Mary Engle, Acquisitions librarian, California Digital Library

Anne Weshinskey, Librarian, San Francisco Public Library

Lora Alexander

Faith Jones, Librarian, Vancouver Public Library

Phillip Kwik, Adult Services Librarian, Troy, Michigan

Jennifer A. Ferro, Reference Librarian, Sacramento Public Library

Liz Reiner, Americas Information Officer, Amnesty International, International Secretariat, London, UK

Judith Schaeffer Young, Medical Librarian, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Daniel S. Weinberg, Part-time Reference Librarian, Wright College, Chicago, Illinois and Graduate Student, Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Rachel Meyer, Graduate Student, LIS, USF

Dr. Joseph D. Reilly, Reference Librarian, Prosser Public Library, Bloomfield, CT

Mary Pat Montana, Library and Information Science Student and just a plain old Information Junkie

John Patten, Acquisitions, Kate Sharpley Library (United Kingdom)

Ethan Mills, Circulation Coordinator, Buenger Memorial Library, Concordia University, St. Paul

Elaina Kintget

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